The passage of time has not diminished the charm and melancholy of Corot’s landscapes and collectors continue to respond to them today as they did nearly 200 years ago.

If you want to sell your Corot painting the first requirement is to show it is indeed his work. You must have a valid authentication report or certificate of authenticity (COA).

If you don’t have one, perhaps because the painting has been in your family for generations, we will authenticate it and certify it for you.

Next, we must examine the painting to evaluate its condition, past restoration, its quality and appeal and to verify it exists. Let us know where it is, and we will give you a quote to go examine it. We go everywhere.

The following point is pricing it. If you don’t know what it is worth, we will appraise its market value for you.

The next thing will be to sign a selling agreement and we will send begin the process of selling your Corot painting.

We suggest you send us photos, dimensions, copies of your authentication documents and the price if you already decided.

We will respond promptly.