Corot’s paintings are usually signed in his large and simple all-uppercase signature.

  • Jean-Baptiste-Camillle Corot (1796-1875) is known for having a signature that was easy for forgers to replicate. Not only did Corot have a short surname, but he signed in very simple capital letters "COROT".

  • At times Corot did include a date after or below his surname. There are also cases where Corot signed "C Corot" for Camille Corot.

  • Many Corot paintings are presented in intricate gold frames with custom nameplate that restate the artist's name and the year.

  • Corot signed his names in a variety of colors, often an earthy umber or orange.

Signature is rarely sufficient for authenticating a painting, signatures must be checked, but results must be carefully placed in the correct context. A signature is only one element, and not a determining one, in the process of authentication.

Corot signed the following paintings on the lower left.

Paturages à l'aurore, Limousin. 1845-1850

Paturages à l'aurore, Limousin. 1845-1850. oil on canvas.

Ville-d'Avray—L'étang vu à travers la feuillée.

Ville-d'Avray—L'étang vu à travers la feuillée. Painted in 1865-1870.


VILLE-D'AVRAY, L'éTANG à L'ARBRE PENCHé. Painted circa1860-1870. Oil on panel.

The remaing paintings bear the signature on the lower right.

Semur, le chemin de l'Eglis

Semur, le chemin de l'Eglise. Painted circa 1855-1860 and 1872-1873.

Marino, Italie - trois personnages au sommet des rochers

Marino, Italie - trois personnages au sommet des rochers. Painted circa 1826-1827. oil on canvas. Signed with a studio stamp.

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